Innovators 2018- The First Step Towards a World of Engineering ‘ an event organized by the Innovators club of Faculty of Engineering, University of Peradeniya commenced today (01.05.2018) at faculty premises. The event included a session from Dr. Janaka Wijekulasooriya which motivates the participants about innovative thinking.

The participants were divided into competition categories based on their preferences. The introductory session was held prior to this event. After the opening session, participants got the opportunity to discuss with their respective teammates regarding the given task. A brief introduction was given to the participants about each category accordingly.
Groups started developing their innovative ideas based on the given task under the support and guidance of the academic staff and the senior students.
All the tasks were designed based on the trending world concepts. It should be mentioned that majority of the tasks were introduced for the first time in competition history.
CARGOMATIC was one of the challenges given to the participants which were aimed to develop a mechanism to lift a weight from 6 inches to 12 inches. The next challenge was to develop an Ecosystem which can be used to lift the groundwater up (3ft). The third challenge was to build an energy efficient wood stove. Further participants compete under the task to develop a smart convey sorter without using any sensors and without any complex electronic circuits. The final task was named as renewable energy. The task was to generate electricity from waves and wind. Students continued their main project further. Meanwhile a mini-game “water rocket” competition.

The participants were busily engaged in completing their respective tasks within the allocated time. It was surprising how keen the competitors were engaged in the mini-games as well as the major projects having a nice time with fellow competitors.

“There’s always a way to do it better- find it”

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